CHEONG TUCK WAI 张庭维 (b. 1979, Kuantan, Pahang) received his Diploma in Illustration (2001) and Fine Art (2004) from the Dasein Academy of Art in Kuala Lumpur . The award winning artist is noted for his innovative mixed media paintings of human figures and the environment that revolves around aspects of memory, time and space. While contemplating on the shifting of time and its passages, Tuck Wai’s keen eye for the subtle, poignant and sublime in the everyday are made more compelling through his choice images and expert use of materials that enhances the ambience surrounding the subject matter. A regular participant in the local art circuit, Tuck Wai won the Malaysia Nokia Arts Award in 2003. He has shown at the Philip Morris Malaysia Art Awards (2003) and the Young ContemporaryAward (2004 & 2010), both at the National Visual Art Gallery, Malaysia. He received the Gold Award from the United Overseas Bank (UOB) annual competition under the Painting of the Year category in 2013. In 2009 and 2011, Tuck Wai was among the finalist in the Malaysia Emerging Artist Award (MEAA). In 2013, Tuck Wai, together with four other contestants, emerged as the winners of the MEAA.