Djojo & Versteeg consists of two artists who formed a duo during
their time in art school and is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Rik Versteeg (25)
graduated as a Fine-Art photographer in 2013 and Danny Djojosoedarmo (22) is a
self-educated make-up artists and stylist.

By combining forces we found a way to complement each other’s skills and create images
that capture the essence of human experience and immediately project it into
a fantasy realm, marked out with both imagination and a thought-provoking reference to the real world.

We aim to create esthetic, conceptual and stylized imagery based on social themes.
We want the viewer to rethink about issues that you are not likely to think about, by
using topics that are currently playing a social role.

Our images unveil a careful process that can be considered an investigation
about the liminal area in which imagination and perceptual reality find
an unexpected point of convergence. We aim to show the viewer an undiscovered and
subconscious world with our photography.
We draw most of our inspiration from theories, myths, technology and diversity,
but most importantly; the way the human being is able to relate to it.

By deconstructing a two-dimensional concept apart and layer it again, we are able to create images
with a new twist which is open for interpretation and stimulates the viewers physique.

Our work has been exhibited and published in magazines, newspapers and online articles like;
de Volkskrant, Wylde Magazine, Blend/Bureaux, HP de Tijd, CitizenMAG,
New Dutch Photography Talent, Vondel CS, the Dutch Ministry of Finance and Foamlab.