'Relationship with others', 'Metamorphose' and 'Fragility' are the keywords of my work. Performance, sculpture, and installation are frequently applied to represent my work. The feelings which are immediate, spontaneous, and warm in emotional resonance are born of the relationship with others which is communicational warmth. The feelings exist vaguely and unclearly. If the borders between the feelings are crossed and connected, they stay the moment of time and make a conversation in an indescribable room.
That is the moment I try to reflect and experiment with different materials which transform themselves in the course of time and by an external stimulus. That sometimes either gets itself involved in as a form or uses my own body as a voluntarily medium. In the both ways, the effect ‘Metamorphose’ comes out from where they exist.
Metamorphose melts the borders and brings out a new relationship. Through my form of expression, I want to evoke and touch on experiences of corporally unconscious memory.