My name is Marcos Temoche, born in Caracas Venezuela, I have a degree in fine arts specializing in painting. I am currently an emerging
artist of some importance in my country, my work as an artist has been exhibited in countries like Peru, USA and Venezuela. In my
process as an artist, my priority is to produce works that encourage reflection on the interlocutor in the processes of change that has and
has had humanity. The debauchery of communication, the mass of information, excessive use of social networks, the forgetting of history,
my environment, violence, politics, my social context and plastic, are phenomena of my deep interest. Genre paintings crowded. The work
for me does not exist as a solution to a problem, but as a way to highlight different conflicts, transmute, transform and even testify to the
existence. Chaotic compositions made by reference to the visual confusion in which we are immersed that governs our lives through
connectivity. They are a reflection of how we actually live and how we have changed. I believe in the process of painting as an infinite
possibility of creation, as a form of detoxification, a space for confrontation and liberation of the individual.