The corporate consumer driven world; A catalyst of anxiety and expectation, goals and targets, success and failure. I deal with the facade of success by channelling the construct of the real, the normal, and the everyday working person or environment as well as the emptiness of the psychotic mind.
With a vacant knowledge I associate; Objects, scenarios, attire and dialog, whilst exploring the boundaries of performance, video and installation, forcing a conversation between.
My aims are to satirise superiority by mass performing and producing video sketches and live performances, all under the umbrella of one psychotic character. Claire Tomas, an empty shell of a person, with no back-story or setting for her chaotic mind. She has different names, different personalities and contradicting values. This work is a mesh of my own confusion, failures and successes.

It’s not about what you sell, it’s how you sell it.

I play with roles that this corporate society accommodates, by use of improvisation both in the performance and scriptwriting.
There is nothing more real than people, their reactions and relationships, and the transference between work and play.
Order and Chaos depend on each other and I, on them. To house my sporadic and playful methodology, I construct frameworks in which to dance on. This work plays with the structure of a sketch show, situating itself on the line between entertainment and art