Art Historian, PH.D., leading doctoral programs in Modern/Postmodern Art and Art of Scenography at the Sh. Rustaveli Georgian State University of Theatre and Film; invited expert for the OSI Arts and Culture Network Program; writer. Her diploma work and dissertation were focused on scenography. Author of the monographs on Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili, Koka Ignatov, David Kakabadze; a text-book on the 20th century art, numerous articles, catalogues and TV programs. Fellow: Soros Foundations' Programs (RSS, Prague, 1996; CDC/CRC, Budapest, 1999), International Research Exchange Program (RSEP/Washington, 1998), Salzburg Global Seminars (1999, 2006), Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme (2001), Arts Link (New York, 2005), Fulbright Scholars Exchange Program (2003-04), etc. Presenter at the conferences and seminars arranged by The University of Chicago (2007), Malmoe Art Academy (2001); PQ and Scenography International Conference (Prague, 2007), PQ Scenography Expanding Symposium (Riga, 2010), Regents College (London, 2010), etc. Has taught and conducted research work at Mount Holyoke College, Yale University (US), Balliol College (GB), etc. The national curator for Georgia at the PQ11.