The work of Izaro Ieregi moves in different media and supports such as photography and video. Develop an alternative view of Basque identity and gender identity. Ieregi deconstructs the identity in order to develop a discourse that feels closer and diverse.
The work of the artist talks about deterritorialization, talks about the process of trivialization of identity, talks about tradition, talks about the political-military conflict.But above all he is interested in mythmaking processes that occur on the people of a nation and a culture, and work on them carried out research projects that deal with memory, identity and territoriality.
To call into question the society in which we live together episodes and landscapes and unknown fragments of history beyond convention and general accepted for reoccupy place in the ideological magma of a culture and nation.

Visual Artist degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country (2005). She completed the master Art; Research and Creation at the same university (2011) and is currently pursuing a master for the title of specialist Transmission of Basque Culture.
His work revolves around the Basque imaginary, and his latest work offered projections across the geography of the Basque Country.
He was an active member of the PAF group (2010), together with the group reflected on feminist art practice, conducted workshops and exhibitions at the Gallery home POINT8 and women of San Sebastian.
In his professional work stands out is a founding member of Okela Sormen Lantegia (2014-present). Which held the exhibition and cultural project ARTISTEN MEETING POINTA. Today combines the development of their artistic practice and the work of cultural manager.
Izaro Ieregi (Algorta, 1987) is a visual artist, works to calm anxiety that created the Basque nation and world. Currently working on his next exhibition in Okela Sormen Lantegia.