In my work I am dealing with interior, personal space as a reflection of ourselves. Space is experienced as psychological, and less as a physical phenomenon. Often, our mood depends on surrounding in witch we are in. We chose the places that are good to us by personal feeling, by finding the things that are good to us and that relax us. It is not rear that we get emotionally attached to objects. We create our "nest" with fusion of feelings, material property and our own needs. That is exactly the thing that I am showing on my works. Connection with a surrounding chosen by our selves. I am showing details that are speaking about us, about me. Every element on picture is one of the elements that I use every day. On my pictures are persons that are close to me. They are there for a reason, and by their presence they reveal a part of my identity. They lead me to the knowing of my own being. Artistic creation is learning on the feeling as fundamental category, that aspect of creation is what one can see on my works. Surreal showing s of different situations all driven trough my drawings, as also are my thoughts that are stepping from objective reality in some form and becoming part of subjective reality. Forms on which we often think are connected with emotions that we feel towards them, that is the way that they manage to get all new form that we are constructing by ourselves. I am trying to show exactly that form of correlation of being and its surrounding, surrounding that is much more then objects thrown by accident, that is what I am trying yo show by using artistic language.