I work through the construction of ephemeral structures and sculptures and the intervention of the natural landscape with them. The insertion of such constructions in new contexts tries to deconstruct symbolic, obsolete or everyday objects through their transformation or dematerialization. With these constructions I try to question the relation between the pragmatic and the useless, between use and meaning, between fiction and reality, between the apparent or virtual and the tangible, between that what is possible and that what is probable. I use the photographic medium to transform the intervened natural landscape into a set where objects and spaces acquire new relations and meanings, questioning our perception of reality mediated through Photography.
My work nurtures greatly from fiction: fantasies, literature, the impossible, the amazing. These are attributes that I try to insert in my work, trying to call attention to that what is surprisingly strange, provoking a fictionalization of reality or a reinterpretation of fiction, generating the construction of new narratives or creating optical illusions. I look for interpretative openness in my images, trying to imply the spectator and to provoke a more complex meaning in my work.