Lelya Borisenko was born in 1973 in Shostka, Ukraine, a republic, which at that time was part of the USSR. She studied academical painting, easel graphics, etching and engraving in the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Fine Arts in 1993-1999. She currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
Lelya Borisenko mostly uses the traditional method of oil painting on canvas or wood. Lelya's art also involves drawing, animation, mixed media sculpture, installation and digital art. Her inspirations for work are as diverse as folklore fairytales, children book illustrations, imaginative soviet animation films and supernaturally realistic classical painting but she also uses the western pop culture images which were rare, forbidden and surrounded by mysterious almost religious atmosphere for the soviet children. The main focus of Lelya Borisenko’s art is the internal space and state of a human search for new contemporary images and their interaction with the old values: soul, dreams, longing, love, pain. Her art strives to show how valuable our peace is. The fact that without the past, we are nothing. The old images are combined with the realities of our days. Our commitment to practicality and our desire to make our life easier in everything, leads to indifference. We are not surprised any more. We are not surprised even by beautiful art. More simple and practical things surprise us now. In order to awaken our deepest emotions Lelya meticulously works on all the details. The true values always support life and they lead us to freedom and evolution.
Full artist bio:
Name: Lelya Borisenko
Born: December 21, 1973 in Shostka Ukraine
Currently lives and works in Moscow, Russia

*1993 – 1999 Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts. Faculty of easel graphics
*1989– 1993 Donetsk Art college. Painting department
*1985 - 1989 Donetsk Art secondary school
Major exhibitions
*1992 - Republican exhibition "Art Donetsk (Donetsk)
*1992 - Republican exhibition "Mal'ovnycha Ukraine"(Kiev)
*1992 - The Interregional Exhibition of the Biennale of the Pan-Ukraine 92 (Dnepropetrovsk)
*1995 - Solo exhibition. Hall of Artists Union of Ukraine (Yalta)
*1997 - Solo exhibition. Central House of Artists, Ukraine (Kiev)
*1998- International Art Festival -98 (Kiev)
*2000 - Exhibition of Kharkov artists. (Kharkov)
*2001 - Solo exhibition. Central House of Artists Ukraine (Kiev)
*2002 - Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists Ukraine (Kiev)
*2005 - Participant of the exhibition "Art Manege 2005" (Moscow)
*2006 - Grand Prix of the International Art Competition (Moscow)
*2007 - Grand Prix of the International Art Competition (Moscow)
*2008 - Grand Prix of the International Art Competition (Moscow)
*2008 - VIII International exhibition of art dolls (Moscow Central House of Artists),"NIADA"
*2008 - Exhibition of Russian Artists in Milan (Italy, Milan)
*2009 - International prize for contemporary arts, "Celeste Prize 2009". Finalist. Germany (Berlin)
*2009-2010 - MOCA Taipei - Animamix Biennial-Visual Attract & Attack
*2010 - Exhibition "V International Art Festival (Moscow)
*2010 - Exhibition "ART DOLLS" (Moscow)
*2010- Solo exhibition. Art gallery "Chernoff" (Moscow)
*2011- Animamix. Art show in Tiwan MOCA Taipei
*2011- Future Pass54th Venice Biennale 2011 (Venice)
*2011- 2012 Future Pass in the World Museum Rotterdam
*2013- Happinez festival Amsterdam Netherlands