I was born on August 2, 1977 in the city of Nis, Serbia. I learned my craft first through watching my father, also an accomplished artist, and later at the collegiate level within Serbia. I had the honor to study under Professor Zoran Furunovic at the Academy of Fine Arts in Pristina.

Drawing is the basis of my skeleton image. Without a good drawing art is like a house with no foundation. It would be prone to deformation, causing instability and unnecessary distractions.
Color expresses form, bringing emotions that gravitate between harmony and conflict.
The third element found in my work is painting. Brush strokes give the plasticity of form and character, revive the form, and finally, express the harmony between dark and bright tones which never violate the drawing.
I do not wish to assign a particular style of painting to myself. Very often I combine and blend several styles with the task of creating a harmonious end.

The point can not be understated that as my body needs food and water to live, so my soul needs to create art. My art has, does, and will continue to nourish the soul through this accomplishment. I would like to see my art on an exploration of American culture, and many other cultures in the time to come. Art is a voice to describe what is going on all around the world. It can describe the lack of freedom of an individual or a collective body of people. I would aspire to speak of global concerns as they relate to the human condition within an artistic platform.

My artwork is a bridge between the viewer and my soul. This fact will continue to move me forward. If the viewer has a reaction, whether positive or negative, then I feel accomplished as an artist. I aspire to this theme in standing out within the art world.