Clean & Wrong

Clean & Wrong

This work and the technique* in which it is executed questions purity and articulates the question of presence. Presence is an important factor of experience. Through the effect of human touch, the artwork Clean & Wrong changes its state - the expectation of purity, since rarely can works of art, and works on paper in particular, be touched. By touching, the observer selects the part they want to see. Proficiency before the work is required, because after a while, the transparent layer once again turns back to black and the image is once again closed in front of the observer.
Cleaning and taking care of the purity of space is an invisible job. That is why in this work it is compared to the use of black, which at the same time has the qualities of a clean surface and the impurity of blackness. Black thermochromic colour becomes transparent. Transparency allows the mess to become visible. The question arises: by interfering with another person's intimacy, do we become impure, or aware of humanity?

* silkscreen with thermochromic ink over original aquarell - the painting is completly black if the temperature in gallery space is under 21°C / It’s recommended to touch the works to see the watercolor. The transparent layer becomes black again in few minutes.

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