Pfui – Pish, Pshaw / Prr

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Pfui – Pish, Pshaw / Prr, ( 2017, 20 min) is loosely based on interviews with mr Theodosis Alifrangis, the longest-serving employee of a Greek oil spill response company and deals with urgent business of toxic waste management.

For the last ten years Mr Theodosis has been stationed at the wreck of a cruise ship, which sunk in the deep waters of Santorini’s port. He has become the ship’s conscientious guardian, tending to the slow release of petrol and protecting the surrounding waters and marine life.

An eclectic sample of Mr Theodosis’ prolific VHS archive, unofficially filmed on his camcorder whilst on various call outs since the 1980’s, is presented here alongside footage created in Olde Wolbers’ studio, where model sets of cruise ship interiors, ferromagnetic mussels and molecular structures are covered in iridescently coloured dripping oils and filmed in tanks.
The work also features footage of sonar imaging attempts around the elusive cruise ship, filmed in 2016 by both Olde Wolbers and Alifrangis on location in Santorini.

The fictional script is from an oil spill responder’s point of view and reveals his superstitious reason for filming where his camera wards off the evil eye whilst tending to major emergencies on a daily basis.

He expands into further musings around matter and spirit, ancient rituals for cleansing the sea, his love for shipwrecks and recollections of heroic acts against the mundane everyday reality of cleaning.

This fictional work’s title derives from a DH Lawrence letter in which the author abandoned language to express anger.

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