Demos and Sea Cucumbers

Demos and Sea Cucumbers

Installazione, Animale, Libertà, Filosofia, Spiritualità, Materiali vari, 220x250x130cm
Yutie Lee
Demos And Sea Cucumbers
mixed media Installation with sound and smoke, 2016

To examine if the dried sea cucumber is well cooked, one uses the chopsticks to press from both sides. If it is slippery, it is done.

The sea cucumber is rated alongside other expensive delicacies, such as the shark fin and the bird’s nest soup and it is served at the Chinese New Year celebrations or weddings.

According to the grown-ups in the family, the kids are encouraged to eat this “ precious and healthy food “.
You reached out the chopsticks and tried to clip the brown wobbly ugliness : La Nausée. L’existence précède l'essence.

Along the seaside of the Pacific, you can sometimes find people catching sea cucumbers. As a defense mechanism a sea cucumber will expel its own entrails out of the body when bothered. It fights with guts.

The sea cucumber is high in protein and low in fat. It nourishes the blood and invigorates the kidney.
From the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidney is the organ responsible for supporting memory, while emotionally it’s linked to determination or will power. And it affects hearing.

The sea cucumber fishery in the volcanic Galapagos Islands started in 1991 and after intensive harvesting the population of sea cucumbers went slower than that of the Chinese speakers after 2002.
The opposition to sea cucumber fishing of the researchers at the island’s Charles Darwin Station caused protests by the local fishermen.

2007 the first Taiwanese female second lieutenant graduated from The U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Only in 2000 West Point started to accept Taiwanese students again after 1949.

The audio Q&A part of this installation delineates how the students at West Point are required to memorize the so called “plebe knowledge”.
Most of the questions and answers are transformed from the diagram according to the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, an ancient Chinese medical book, which illustrates a human body as a microcosm of nature.
The path from the Kidneys to the head.

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