All Sides of Balance

All Sides of Balance

Painting as a traditional artistic language is part of the collective unconscious, so in order to question its role, the images in my artworks are distorted and the surrounding environment and pictorial space are abandoned. All Sides of Balance is a composition of three oil paintings where I break with traditional picture form and my artworks become objects in space: the canvases and painting seem to melt into one another. When I fold the support and don’t show the whole image, I’m interested in the hidden parts just as much the ones revealed to the eyes. By questioning what’s missing I induce a strong feeling of awareness. The challenge is to work with an image until I feel it questions reality in a certain way.

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Federico Polloni
3 anni fa
Sam Gilliam faceva questo tipo di interventi già negli anni 70
Francesca Giraudi
3 anni fa
Mah.....! Non é mai facile giudicare l' arte altrui, specie da una foto, ma vista così, dal PC appunto, che dire? Poca emozione
RELLA Maria Pia = SpaziOfficina
3 anni fa
Apprezzando...un cordiale saluto RELLA Maria Pia
SpaziOfficina +39 328 2726700
Prospero Calciano
3 anni fa
Urgent message for Celesteprize jury Juliana Bardolim, Marc Bembekoff, Sandro Droschl, Chris Fitzpatrick, Martin Germann, Felix Hoffmann, Chiara Ianeselli, Marianna Liosi, Zane Onckule, Barbara Piwowarska, Alya Sebti, Moritz Wesseler : I'm sorry that's enough ! Celeste prize 2016 very poor. No more anonymous and simple art we strongly want the complexity !!!
3 anni fa
Montaperto Artista
Ma smettiamola!

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