Sacrum - metamorphosis

This video shows metamorphosis of the woman's body. Don't You know that? Your body is a temple...

... Transition, infiltration of the forms can be seen in the beautiful movie by Izabela Maciejewska - Sacrum (video, 2000). The movie is a sophisticated impression, in which elements of the Gothic temple turn into the human body, because it really is hundred times more sacred and more perfect than the most magnificent church. Frames of the story are accompanied by the music of Bjork and Angelo Badalamenti ...

- a fragment of a review of the exhibition "About ourselves” by Marta Wlazeł, Art Promotion Centre, Municipal Art Gallery in Lodz.

The work is in the collection of the Lodz Municipal Art Gallery.

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Izabela Maciejewska
2 anni fa
thank You! :)
Silvia Alessi
2 anni fa
Silvia Alessi Artista

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