Fotografia Digitale, Natura, Animale, Digitale, 180x180x5cm
Entanglement Theory suggests that when two particles are acting together in an entangled system, they behave like one object even though they are physically apart. Although these connections are not yet fully understood, it suggests that space is just the construct that gives the illusion that the particles are actually separated.

Through the Entanglement Series, Legassick has explored the more tangible effects of the theory within our world, focusing initially on four endangered animal species and exploring the interconnectivity between man and beast. How one man’s decision to invest in his status quo on one side of the world can cause and or effect a series of events to take place which will have a largely negative impact on the animal, ultimately shaping the direction the species will be taken in. These unseen forces at work have been visually represented as charged threads or “strings” which envelop the animal from beyond the image’s edges, trapping it and slowly pulling it apart until its final demise. The entanglement of the animal by these strings represents man’s firm hold in shaping its future, pushing and pulling it like a grand puppeteer, ohen with only his own selfish needs in mind.

Each piece is created entirely through a complicated digital process, pushing the boundaries of what is currently possible in both scale and detail. Once an initial 3D model of the animal is created and posed in powerful software, high resolution string textures are created and then individually “painted” around the model, forming multiple layers of strings which shape and form the animal. Lighting is then added to enhance form and add depth, creating a powerful overall impact.

The series serves as a stark reminder of how fragile our ecosystem is, a harrowing look at the greed of man and what impact this may have for our future.

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