Through a protocol that uses the body as a measuring instrument (clapping my hands), I try to capture the surface and volume of several different empty rooms (housing, offices, etc.). The sound and the echo produced by these repetitive gestures are then presented with the real measurements.

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Jonathan Polkest
3 anni fa
Room M3 is brilliantly understated and imaginative - particularly when one considers the implications for a more durational piece but I liked this a lot.
Francesca Giraudi
3 anni fa
Rinuncio al comprendere, o meglio, all'emozionarmi, all' identificarmi.....
RELLA Maria Pia = SpaziOfficina
3 anni fa
Insolito...un cordiale saluto RELLA Maria Pia
SpaziOfficina +39 328 2726700
Prospero Calciano
3 anni fa
Urgent message for Celesteprize jury Juliana Bardolim, Marc Bembekoff, Sandro Droschl, Chris Fitzpatrick, Martin Germann, Felix Hoffmann, Chiara Ianeselli, Marianna Liosi, Zane Onckule, Barbara Piwowarska, Alya Sebti, Moritz Wesseler : that's enough ! Celeste prize 2016 very poor. No more anonymous and simple art we strongly want the complexity !!!
Tinamaria  Marongiu
3 anni fa
I want to live in the middle of the jungle ... TM Box-Es

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