The third insight

The third insight

My work is inspired by contrasting relationships that exist in both our inner and outer worlds. I create artwork that examines the nature of duality, looking at the connections between chaos and order, science and spirituality, and nature vs. man. In my paintings, I arrange these seemingly opposite ideas into one harmonious whole, blurring the boundaries between dichotomies. The result is a constant fluctuation between atmospheric and graphic, abstract and figurative, and quiet and chaotic. I also employ a range of digital tools alongside traditional painterly materials to synthesize both machine and craft into the process of abstraction.

My work questions the ways in which these contrasting ideas are fundamentally connected. Does modern technology hinder or encourage our capacity for spiritual enlightenment? Where does the natural world end and the material world begin? What are the basic individual truths that connect every culture, philosophy, and religion of the world? My artwork does not strive to reveal an ultimate truth; rather, it questions whether an ultimate truth can really exist in today’s world.

Notable influences on my work include Wassily Kandinsky, whose ideas on the transcendental capacity of art resonate deeply with me, and Gerhard Richter, whose cloud paintings launched my interest in the gap between figuration and abstraction.

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