The Magic Task

The Magic Task

Pittura, Fantasia / Visionario, Olio, 140x160cm
The painting is based on a foto in a magazine showing two clochards in paris.
Of course I changed everything on it, the surrounding, they sit in, the furniture, the clothing and faces.
Only the poses are almost the same as in the original.
I like to patchwork my paintings like this bringing things together, which usually not fit and see what happens. How they react and how their meaning is transformed by that.
The gesture the man makes in this one is somehow not definable a lot of interpretations are possible.
The woman sits in front and watches. There's no real communication since the man is occupied doing magic.

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10 anni fa
mita Artista
Paul Sucksmith
10 anni fa
Paul Sucksmith Artista
Top piece of work, well done and good luck.
Una d'Aragona
10 anni fa
Una d'Aragona Artista
I love the ambiguity, the colour and the organic nature of the shapes.

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