I've got a son, I've got a soul

I've got a son, I've got a soul

Pittura, Pace, Politico/Sociale, Tecnica mista, 124x155cm
"I've got a sun, I,ve got a soul” is part of a larger project called Photo-Paint, a plastic contemporary dialogue.
What I have proposed in this project it was rendering a forgotten reality or unnoticed, found handy in simple photos albums thrown through drawers.
I wanted to bring out in the light the ordinary of simple photo to emphasize details that escape us at a simple glance. In this case, highly expressive figure of a mother who lost her son.
Details and dusty photos put in the light by painting interventions.
I used the technique of printing on canvas of raw photos, unaltered, trying to not interfere too much on the utilized image to not destroy just the information and elements that have me intrigued.
Through painting I tried to emphasize the exact image captured by amateur photographer and placed the photo in the center of interest of works.

The work is dedicated to all mothers who are losing sons in wars of the past, present and future and lose their desire for life, their soul is flushed remaining lost between the two worlds.

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