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Fotografia Digitale, Idee, Astratto informale, Digitale, 100x75x6cm

"We can hear the ColorS",
We are allowed to pass any gate and discover new worlds throughout lifetime,
New dimensions can be seen.

The Sound so beautiful, it's amazing, and it's here with us all the time, And can give a lot to all of us.

It all started very early,
Since I can remember.
The Creation took me through music crafts painting photography poetry writing and thinking.

From the 80's this journey gained momentum and took me to a very special districts.
Not easy to explain it in words,
Just to let you know that there is lots of good in this world.

The works are just like taken from nature near Jerusalem,
And no processed by Computer.
Taking the seasons, light, & color as nature gives.
The only thing change sometimes,
That I love to see sometimes the same work in black and white,
Without touching the photo.

Thank You,
Ofer MizraChi

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6 anni fa
benny Artista
 Anna Scopece "DARVIN"   ( non Darwin )
6 anni fa
6 anni fa
Nury Artista
emilia rebuglio
6 anni fa
emilia rebuglio Artista
Molto, molto bella!

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