OSCILLA is an interactive audiovisual installation that explores the oscillatory roots of sound and its visualisation. OSCILLA's projected 'reactive' surface is scalable in size, allowing for a variety of intuitive physical interaction paradigms whereby the position and movement of people in space (or that of objects along a surface) controls the amplitude and frequency of multiple sound generators. A graphic plot of the relationship between the generated sounds gives life to real-time animated ‘sound paintings’. Sounds are additionally diffused by means of multiple speakers to form variable sound geometries and spatially distributed harmonic structures within the installation space. Participants can thus create morphing chords and harmonies, explore unusual microtonal intervals and beat frequencies, navigate the rhythm-pitch continuum and discover the fascinating connection between sound and its graphic representation.

Designed & Developed by: Andrea Santini
Production & Management: UBIKteatro
Technical Partner: PHILIPS

More info on: www.ubikteatro.com

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