2nd Yokogawa Charity Arts & Crafts Festival - April 22
Mostre, Giappone, Hiroshima-shi, 22 aprile 2012
Dear Artists, designers, craftsmen, creatives !!

Like last year we are organising an Charity-Event for the reconstruction of North-East Japan, especially trying to support the children over there. As part of the annual Yokogawa Fushigi Festival, there will be a one-day e...xhibition and Art-Bazaar, where visitors can buy artworks donated by artists and craftsmen.
Last year about 400 people came to the event, and 90% of the works got sold, accumulating to a total of 233.333 Yen, which were then donated to 4 japanese NPO´s to support the victims of the 3/11 desaster. We´d like to thank here, all participating artists, helpers and sponsors from last years event for their great support !!!

It´s almost one year ago that a big earthquake and the biggest Tsunami ever hit Japan, killing more than 19.000 people, caused direct damage of more than 147 mio € and leaving many families homeless after the desaster. Many people lost their relatives, children their parents.
The reconstruction of the areas are still in progress and will, according to an expert-commision take up to 10 years to final reconstruction. Establishing provisional housing will take around 3 years.
The international community almost forgot that, besides the radiation problems caused by Fukushima, the japanese society also faces the problem of establishing normality in the areas of North-East Japan, especially to provide a normal life for the children there, many of them still suffering from the trauma of the catastrophe, losing their homes and relatives.
That´s why this year´s revenue of the Yokogawa-Charity-Art-Festival will be donated to “Save the children”-Japan.

The Event:
Yokogawa-International-Arts & Crafts-Charity-Festival:
In cooperation with SEED Art Laboratory
Purpose: Fundraising for the children in the affected areas of the 3/11/2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan
Date: 22.April 2012
Place: SEED Art Laboratory ,Yokogawa, Hiroshima, Japan
Time: from 10:00 to 16:00
Entry fee: 0 Yen, donations welcome
Selling price of the works: 1000-10000 Yen
Deadline to confirm participation: March/30/2012
Deadline for submitting artworks: April/20/2012

Any kind of artwork, design or crafted items will be accepted.
(According to last years experience, pictures, prints, photographs, paintings up to A3 and smaller objects sold very well)
Participants outside of Hiroshima must pay the delivery on their own expenses. Digital works can be uploaded and printed up to A3 size (Upload information will follow). Smaller digital works, e.g. postcards can also be multiplied and printed in 10 or 20 prints. The artist decides the selling price. If there´s not such an information the organisators will do.
Submitted artworks cannot be sent back !!!

PLEASE ONLY PRESS THE JOIN-BUTTON, if you´re actually taking part, means, donating some works, support by man-power, or even money (sponsor) !!!!!

We´re also looking for helpers for setting up the event (april 21) and "working" during the event (April 22).
Also we have to cover around 20-30.000 Yen costs for material, printing, so if everyone gives 1000 Yen (10€), that´ll be only 30 people !!!!

AND: PLEASE SHARE this info !!!!

Thank you very much,
Stephan, Chiemi and the people from SEED and the annual Yokogawa-festival

Stephan Ballin

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7 anni fa
LVCA Artista
Grazie Mauro!
Crepi il lupo Roberta!
mauro ceselli
7 anni fa
mauro ceselli Artista
sarà un successo!!!
Associazione Roberta Smedili
7 anni fa
good luck

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