humanity does not advance
se van | they leavestop hurting natureEva y AdaNuestro propósito

Collages - Ana De Rogatis

This porfolio is a compilation of artworks made with collage and mixed-techniques.
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You, blue
blue boyjesusaveo rostros invisibles, flotando / I see unseen faces, floatingblue jesus

Faces - Ana De Rogatis

faces. blue faces, known faces, unknown faces, returning faces, never seen faces. faces.
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Vientre de d(delete)colores / Belly in colours
tree | arbolbuscando el violador | finding the rapermysterious ladyeveryday misteries | misterio cotidiano

Paintings - Ana De Rogatis

this is a small selection of paintings and drawings. several materials, several techniques, sense and non-sense lines joined or filled, that is it.
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