Sabine Korth: Habitat – trust your process In order to apply for the prize my concept is essential: I wish to stream, to share step by step the flow and growth of my artistic process. See here, how I started to post on my blog. For “Progetto Habitat” so far I produced 11 posts: As I speak more or less three languages, I can consider to do that in English and Italian. Since the project just started the uploaded images are partly sketches, unfinished, and to be considered as examples partly photos of the backstage situations. Come with me, let's get on the road and travel through the adventure project "Habitat". The Streamers competition seems written for me, and happen at the right time. For several months I have prepared the groundwork and just now I am ready for the kickoff. I planted, fertilized the ground and discovered the green heads of the first plants. I am the daughter of gardeners - I know that now comes the fun part, the unpredictable ripening, the growth full of surprises and incidents, ramifications and unexpected blooms. A premise: I do not like to write. Not by chance I express myself through photography and collage. I live between three languages, which makes me imperfect in all of them. Italian I talk to friends and family, I use English with colleagues and in reading and dream and think in German. I write a lot, but fragmentary diaries, sketches chaotic notes, taped dreams - in a personal way that includes all languages. This is not an excuse, but an explanation. I'm glad of the 'idea of the blog, it gives me a chance to write in fragmented form, as is congenial to me and make much use of images. It seems like a perfect solution. I would like not having to stress if I miss a comma, and certainly I will - otherwise I risk to lose the pleasure of communication - I know myself too well … "The road is the destination and I am always on the road " I will use the Streamers online platform to share a travel diary. The voyage is the creative process that leads me day by day deeper into the jungle of the project. The title "Habitat" was born that way. For 10 days I went on to do some sketches, and every day, watching the new collages, I customized the title. Babilonia, Renaissance, Bestiario, Melting Pot, Monkey Business were some of the temporary work titles. Parallel to the practical work, the maturing of the assembled images, matured, too, the term "Habitat". I feel it includes all the aspects that so far have emerged. The blog will document the steps, half steps, missteps, the jumps. Recount discoveries, insights, solutions, meetings, decisions, readings and what else will cross my path. I like the idea of sharing it with friends, colleagues, strangers, blog readers. “Life is like photography you use the negative to develop - Dr. Arno Schmuck” The considerations which I set out here to illustrate my project have been written in the form of blog posts. It seems ideal to show how I plan to work as a "streamer": In practice, I will share posts in the form of a work diary illustrating the path. with backstage photos, video slideshow of sketches and drafts, In the suitcase I have many books by authors who join me on my journey. I will quote books which accompany my research, movies, blogs, related artists. Some names: James Hillman, Joseph Campbell, Richard David Precht (a german animal rights philosopher, latest book "Animals think") John Berger (“Why Look at Animals?”), Mark Twain, Aldous Huxley, Konrad Lorenz. Gradually I will share ideas and quotes concerning my work in the given moment. I made a slideshow of backstage footage, a draft, a test, to have an idea of how you can make a video that takes about the creative path. It will need a professional post-production, audio with music and / or voice comments. See the video on Vimeo Selecting the photos for the video it was a strange feeling to scroll through the images of the last few weeks - the phase of brainstorming. It is forbidden to forbid - and also banned is any form of self censorship. On the other hand, green light to play mode without limits. Later there will be time to evaluate, reject, select, condense and refine. Someone said: "We need to return children, but children inside an adult to access the creative moment " The contest Celeste Network intends “Streamers” as streaming out: sharing the flow and growth of an art project in the form of a diary. Just what I do since a long time in my studio work. I call it logbook, board notebook, and here I record discoveries, thoughts, ideas, associations, insights, possible titles, quotations of my mentors, coincidences, intuitions and much more. I muse about the latest images, discover connections and find new ways to proceed. I look back to evaluate the link with work done before, look for the leitmotiv, actualize, select, restart from scrap, give space to playful free associations. The artist diary is my mentor, critic, archivist, coach, friend, mother, child and much more. Work samples: in Instagram I use the tags #progettohabitat #collageinprogress #SabineKorth #collagereadymaderocks #tustyourprocess More work: Per favore consultate il Blog per vedere come intendo “streamare” il progetto: Please visit the blog to get an idea how I plan to “stream” the project: Thanks for Viewing! Sabine Korth