Wise old tree (click to see more images)

iPad nature photographs from my new book

These are some of the images from my new book iPad for Photography Students, available from iTunes in January 2015. There are dozens of tutorials on how to take and edit your images on iPad, so if you...leggi tutto
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Self-portrait (magazine print)


Images for my upcoming book available from iBook store September/October 2014.
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Candid shots

These are some of the shots from my book which should come out anywhere between July and September 2014. All techniques and processes are covered, from camera to editing apps, and how to use them to take/make...leggi tutto
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Untitled 3 (Family Portraits Series)

Family Series

Family Portraits is about transient nature of being human and ever evolving personal identities in the age of globalisation.
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From here towards

Old Paintings

Old paintings which won awards, have been included in public and private collections etc
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