the lost bird_I
the lost bird_XIthe lost bird_Xthe lost bird_IVthe lost bird_VIII

the lost bird series

The focus of this body of work is to explore the concept of sorrow and loss through the depiction of an archetypal symbol of nature, the bird. Subjectivity is merged with the natural world to expand the...leggi tutto
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retrieved_landscape I
retrieved_interiors V_leaving elswick streetretrieved_interiors IV_leaving elswick streetretrieved_interiors III_leaving elswick streetretrieved_interiors II_leaving elswick street


This project is part of an ongoing series I have been involved with for many years. The concept of the lost and forgotten image, buried under life, pressing ever forward. Here the photographs are retrieved...leggi tutto
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The Chair
The ChairThe ChairThe ChairThe Chair

The Chair_ a sequence in loss

" i speak of lives given to the light...i speak of brief lives one mistrusts them...they move uncertainly...faint " Poet Kostas Karyotakis.
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Falling Away
Falling Away SeriesFalling Away SeriesFalling AwayFalling Away Series

Falling Away Series

The images in the ‘Falling Away Series’ were captured at night on the crowded streets of West Hollywood. I was initially discouraged by the the distortion captured by the camera; the consequences of a j...leggi tutto
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cyan tree_the dream
the forest_mangrove dreamthe boab trees...a sequence in lossthe boab trees...a sequence in lossthe boab trees... a sequence in loss

tree_the dream

Some of the trees I have known, some abandoned others thriving_ a minor obsession.. the tree fulfils a powerful metaphor for growth, battle scars and the self.
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Heavens Kitchen_the abbey
heaven's kitchen_the abbeyHeaven's Kitchen_the abbeyheaven's kitchen_the abbeyheaven's kitchen_the abbey

Heaven's Kitchen_the abbey

i dont believe in angels and devils, it is all myth making, science fiction, yet we need to purge ourselves. We adopt signs and symbols to make sense of Mr Sartre. Being and Nothingness, we embrace you.
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hush...hushhush...hush...the roomhush...hushhush...hush


what i saw from my window, fallen between the cracks,wayward and pass by...
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The Tea Dance
The Tea DanceThe Tea DanceThe Tea DanceThe Tea Dance

The Tea Dance

All the participants here are engaged with movement and life. Death is near also, ' the dance macabre." Nostalgia is present, as is strangeness and otherness. Cut in and out. Ramble and scuttle. Freedom...leggi tutto
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