Precious Jewel 1930 #37
Precious jewel 1930 #29

Precious Jewel 1930

The project theme is " Precious jewel 1930". This project’s thematic conception is display vintage photographs of the city's women of the early 20th century. The myth about Shanghai women as material g...leggi tutto
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in the memory of love
In the memory of lovein the memory of love 31in the memory of love 18

In the memory of love

Woman in Shanghai do use their feminine wiles to go after desirable. Love is the core motivation for them to pursue money and status.
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Danger Zone 1
Danger Zone 14Danger Zone 13Danger Zone 2Danger Zone 3

Danger Zone

China's new regional identity as an economic powerhouse with an increasingly potent military has made the humiliation narrative less relevant; a sense of national pride is now pervasive. Chinese sabre-rattling...leggi tutto
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dooms day

Dooms Day

" what will happen on that day ? it's the end of things, whether the end of an individual life, the end of the age, or the end of the world."
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