Diptych with Chairs

Diptych with Chairs

Scultura, Natura morta, Politico/Sociale, Legno, 70x32x15cm
Diptych With Chairs is made from a pair of pine kitchen chairs, contributed for this purpose by the comedian,
Martin Evans. The chair legs were cut up into varying lengths by hand, and the broken chair seats were made into accompanying circular frames. The elements have been composed in a manner which evokes the idea of a parting of ways, as the elements lean in the opposite directions, creating a symmetrical composition without being mirror images of one another. The composition high-lights individual details, paint marks and scratches of two chairs which may otherwise have looked identical. Diptych with Chairs also hovers between the idea of a formalist traditional painting and a something which may be read as sculpture, or for that matter, as object responding to an ever increasing conceptual interest in chairs within Fine Art.

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