Painted Chair

Painted Chair

Scultura, Natura morta, Politico/Sociale, Legno, 30x30x10cm
Painted Chair, 2009 is made from painted wooden chair-legs from one chair, sawed by hand into multiple
lengths. The material was sourced without monetary transaction and without accessing so-called "virgin
material!, but by invitation on a social networking site for the appropriation into an art object. Once donated this object has been reworked twice into its current state, though by chance discovered to be still recognisable to an earlier owner who once donated it to the artist, Paul Birchall, who used the chair at his studio before he in turn donated it to Bester for further appropriation. Thus bringing the open system of this social ecology to light. Multiple layers of paint bares testimony to its multiple owners and layers of memory, meaning, association, and value as well as human interaction and experience.

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