Installazione, Ritratto, 10x150x120cm
"hibridos1" is made of nylon thread that im usining as a support surface for painting on it. With 33,179.13 feet of transparent thread (parallel weave) mounted on a 59 x 47 inch frame. I managed to create a flat surface that is very perceptive and projected of the environment and of the painting itself.
the main feature of this support is that the light is refracted.
on this type of surface I'm starting a project called 'hybrid' is an exercise of imagination, nothing further from the truth immediately, where the contemporary hybrid is not presented as a rather bleak but as the continuation of a tradition rooted in the harmony of diversity or otherness, and that appears to be attached to humans ever since.
scenes that may wander into a contemporary mythology. images that represent or evoke the simultaneity of our state and current status of recycling, aesthetics and function.
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