Omniscient Continuum λ (Lambda)

Omniscient Continuum λ (Lambda)

Omniscient Continuums spring from conceptualizations of quantum events occurring at the sub-quark level - far beyond the event horizons of singularity, at the very moment general relativity fails. The project explores not only within ephemeral cosmic phenomena, but also serves as a Lagrangian introspection point between feeling and thought, reality and imagination, science and divinity - giving the images suggestions of dramatic emotional landscapes filled with dynamic, sentient potential. Each is hand painted using proprietary techniques pushing the limitations of the materials utilized in the process - my own body, balloons, inflatable objects and customized colors of pure pigment on specially prepared paper.

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Barbara Ghisi
8 anni fa
Bellissima opera davvero superba.
8 anni fa
stefamore Artista
Wonderful visionary work, so imaginative and so rigorous in the same time

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