Naturaleza muerta con dulces y merengue

Naturaleza muerta con dulces y merengue

The photographs are inspired in sweet foods still life paintings of 1600.
The theme is abstinence.
My personal experience when I was young was not eat sweets during the Lenten season. So I researched on sugar and its symbolic meanings. Sugar is pure white, is a "food" thatgives the body energy, vitality. As for my experience, it was a "vice" that could be sacrificed.
It also has connotations of vice and sin, even in ancient paintings of still life of sugar and sweets had linked to the religious symbolism, unearthly, sacrum.
I want to play with this double meaning where the woman inserted the image also appears as a female object. I will create a contrast of meaning, which I rejected now surrounds me and covers my body.

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Fabrizio Ruggiero
8 anni fa
Excellent still life!
giuliano babini
8 anni fa
giuliano babini Artista
Ilaeia, sei geniale!
ilaria mauro
8 anni fa
ilaria mauro Artista
gracias soren!

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