The Green Area

The Green Area

Fotografia Analogica, Piante, Analogica, 70x100x1cm
Notes on artwork:
Green Area:
Nature around us is contaminated and distorted. What could be more simple changes and merges and plasma appearance in the myriad of inputs that come from outside. We need to reclaim the real, otherwise we become like the men of the Myth of the Cave of Plato, and we will believe the real shadows in front of us, without being able to react because they considered authentic.
This image is part of a wider visual story called "Contamination" where we examine different aspects of our condition (not just the natural / artificial) to demonstrate how he is failing in the design of actual confusion between reality we simulated , virtual, again by news from the audience as on more concerned, we think we are free to choose something, most of the time, already decided and conveyed.
Obviously it's normal to make a green area with a plastic tree.

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7 anni fa
AUWH Artista, Fotografo, Giornalista
Love this WORK!
Suzan a1qq Hijab
7 anni fa
When I was young I was such flights of stairs at the Sea. "99"
I felt great.
When I went downstairs, the joy went away.
8 anni fa
fantastico verde :((
questo si che da ossigneno !!
o lo toglie ??
Fabrizio Ruggiero
8 anni fa
Molto interessante...E' una tua scultura?
mauro moriconi
8 anni fa
mauro moriconi Artista
mi piace, brava!

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