The Space Between 1

The Space Between 1

I’m enthralled by colour, and as such the sky holds a particular fascination for me. It is always in motion, with form and colour dissolving to be replaced by other possibilities in time, as if when potential images slip in and out of the imagination when looking at an abstract composition. Recently my practice has evolved from 'terrestrial' skies as a central theme sustaining ambiguity and ‘other possibilities' with narratives built from literal, symbolic, abstract and gestural elements, into the more explicitly spiritual and abstract subject of 'extra-terretrial' space and time. However, as with many earlier pieces the intention is to offer a body of work to viewers that acts as a stage to explore their own experience and understandings. Co-existing relations and tension between balance and contrast, and reality and imagination, are intended to play a part in the metaphors that viewers are invited to explore.

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 M⏂arte  Grafopitture
8 anni fa
good composition, point of light.
9 anni fa
stefamore Artista
wonderful deep feeling exciting work

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