Faust Go To Hell 2011 (16mm Film)

This video was made for Elvis UnDead Club's theatre production, "Faust Go To Hell" for silent 16mm film projection during the live show. I was given 'carte blanche' and so I made it more *Kitsch* to fit his live production.

I used F. W. Murnau's "Faust" and Brian De Palma's, "Phantom of the Paradise", along with nature footage (cloud time-lapse by me). I used Adobe Premiere CS4 for editing and effects and the original video was created without music. Video was completed in 5 days (rush job). Then it was sent to a lab to be transferred to 16mm film (silent).

For this video on the web, I mixed excerpts from both film's soundtracks, along with additional sound effects (thunder, etc.). Sound was completed in 3 days.

Show 2010
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