Conversation with Pieter and Paul 2, Holyland

Conversation with Pieter and Paul 2, Holyland

Pittura, Politico/Sociale, Tecnica mista, 152.x25x5cm
The “Conversation with Pieter and Paul 2, Holyland” is a work that continues and expands upon the dialog of an originating painting titled “The Conversation with Pieter and Paul”. “Holyland” carries on the visual investigation of ideas on consumption and its effects on the environment and human cultures. It poses questions surrounding desire, tradition, mass production, the effects of Western material culture on developing nations, and the resulting environmental degradation. The series was inspired by the experience of living in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia’s nations are delicate and globally important ecological treasures have been historically exploited for the European market. These nations are now in the midst of their own technological revolution and as a result expanding the environmental pressure for their own developing markets.

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Bridget  Grady
9 anni fa
Bridget Grady Artista
Thank you! and to you also!!
Marco Useli
9 anni fa
Marco Useli Artista
great art work Bridget, best of luck

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