Pittura, Figura umana, Ritratto, Politico/Sociale, Tecnica mista, 142x147cm
“Eden” combines elements of feminine mystique, beach culture, and danger. It was inspired by a 1960s photo of a couple embracing in bed; the woman holding the man's head to her breast, similar to how a mother would comfort a child. I superimposed another woman's face on top of that of the woman in bed, her wide-eyed stare at the viewer suggesting thoughts she may not share with her lover.

The rest of the imagery is drawn from symbolic patterns that have appeared in photos that I've taken over the last couple of years. I'm fascinated by the design of chain-link fencing, which here morphs into sections of hair, braids, and netting; masking and enclosing sections of the work. The stencil-like markings at the bottom of the piece are from a picture I took at an old amusement park on the coast. The exaggerated oval shapes reminded me of "vagina dentata" (Latin for toothed vagina) which appear across several cultures as cautionary tales, warning of the risks of sex with strange women and discouraging rape.

In “Eden,” as in much of my work, I present an image of conventional domesticity and then subvert it in order to disrupt traditional relationship clichés.

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