Installazione, Paesaggio, 1000x300x50cm
This is a clip from a video of an Installation which was set up for an exhibition in a Wharehouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands, London, courtesy of Urban Space Management,made with Laser light in collaboration with Jim Webb a laser performer. It is a river of laser light in which you can paddle, pretend to swim, or simply sit and meditate .There are clouds above and a waterfall connecting the two.I work with a variety of mediums and am currently collaborating with Jim Webb, exploring innovative ways of using laser lights to make Art Installations.
The move towards three dimensions, using light, is another way of exploring pictorial space however my personal aim whatever the medium is to make work that resonates through it's use of colour and it's formal qualities, opening that space in the brain which leads to a heightened awareness of the visual world.

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shawqi  fuad
9 anni fa
shawqi fuad Artista
Nice artwork !

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