Notes on artwork: The box has a story.
A story is separated into four groups (Music, Media, People and Sport).
The four groups mean that important things in the media world.
The media world influences peoples directly or indirectly.
'Boxes' simply shows this phenomenon in realtime.

A audience build with a box like a toy. And then the movie play on a front face of the box.
Simply they can see the movie and build more complex structure like a apratment.
Also when a box approach an other box, the story in the box is changed to same group(Music, Media, People and Sport). And then audience can compose some stroys from the present situation.

Though the rule of change is simple, when the 12 boxes are organized, more different storys can be found and composed.

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8 anni fa
ArtHubAsia Istituzione
dear JeongHo park
i was lready familiar with your work but to find it in this selection was very unexpected. I am very glad to give you the prize for celeste 2011. best

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