Generation 244

Animazione, Astratto geometrico, Motion graphics, 99:99
Generation 244 is a non-looping, 39 GB infinite animation, 1920x1080p, made by custom genetic algorithm on a distributed supercomputer. It plays back on a screen or in projection.

The piece is a selection of animations hand-picked by the artist and re-rendered in high definition. Draft animations were originally composed by the Electric Sheep, the system built by Scott Draves in 1999.

The Electric Sheep is a form of artificial life, which is to say it is software that recreates the biological phenomena of evolution and reproduction though mathematics. The system is made up of man and machine, a cyborg mind with 450,000 participating computers and people all over the Internet.

This is a distributed system, with all participating computers working together to form a supercomputer that renders animations, called "sheep", that everyone sees. The human participants guide the survival of the fittest by voting for their favorite animations in the flock.

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Monica Lai
9 anni fa
Monica Lai Artista
Awesome work!

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