Scultura, Politico/Sociale, Natura morta, Animale, Legno, 50x150x200cm
Parallax, in the form of a rocking horse is made from blocks of wood contributed for this purpose by
individuals asked via a social networking site to participate in this project by posting or hand delivering blocks of wood, from across the world, or closer to home. The rocking horse fashioned from these blocks maintains the integrity of the materials and process.
A rocking horse is always going somewhere in our imagination, but is never really going anywhere. However
the blocks of wood out of which Parallax is made, came from near and far. The journey is embedded within the rocking horse. Parallax is symbol of the virtual distance covered by the imagination while remaining in one spot, an ironic Trojan in the gallery space. While a Trojan does in fact go somewhere, while pretending to be something other than what it is, Parallax is going nowhere, has in fact already been, and goes further albeit it one’s imagination. Parallax is also the manifestation of this virtual world, the kinds of friendships which it allows and makes possible. Parallax became something which was born from collective effort, is far greater than the sum of its parts.

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Dmitriy Ivanenko
7 anni fa
Dmitriy Ivanenko Scultore
Carlo Strano
8 anni fa
Carlo Strano Artista
oh oh The Geometry of Depth in a rocking horse.. great!!
Lynette  Bester
8 anni fa
Lynette Bester Artista
thank you :)
9 anni fa

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