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Video, Politico/Sociale, Ritratto, Filmato, 6:25
If you lose interest in your dreams you lose interest in everything. I was looking for something is an abstract film about trying. And about failing. A film about arriving and passing away ...

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8 anni fa
guetty Artista
Merveilleux travail.
ferdinando sorbo
8 anni fa
experiment very interesting....remember me BRAKHAGE,SMITH....
8 anni fa
Davide Artista
A great job! my compliments!
mauro moriconi
8 anni fa
mauro moriconi Artista
bella, bellissima!
Gabi Domenig
8 anni fa
Gabi Domenig Artista
Hallo Frank!
Ein starkes Video. Inhalt, Farben, Bewegungen! Mein Kompliment!
Lg nach Wuppertal
Gaib :)
8 anni fa
Jadranka Artista
Very nice work. I wish you luck1!
Atzin Garcia
8 anni fa
Atzin Garcia Artista
I cannot find a word to describe this!... I truly liked , it is strong and simple, deep and calm, powerful and more!
jaya  suberg
8 anni fa
jaya suberg Artista
it says all...great work!

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