Installazione, Ritratto, Fantasia / Visionario, Interni, Materiali vari, 22x26x12cm
Clay, wood, paint, and audio, 26” x 22” x 12”
Horror, a collaboration between Dave Tolchinsky and Dan Silverstein, explores the space of indecision, the gray room between the perceived polarity/duality of paradise and inferno.Through one door (or gate, as the case may be) certain doom, through the next unlimited pleasure, and through the third — who knows what.True horror is not looking into the face of hell;true horror is not being able to decide.A musing about suburban paralysis and overwritten TV, this is our first collaboration.

See further documentation at http://www.dtolchinsky.com

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Enrica Borla
8 anni fa
Enrica Borla Artista
I've seen the video, heard the sounds: great! I love this!
Fabrizio Ruggiero
8 anni fa
Very nice!

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