In this work of performance art, performers in a late- nineteenth- century-style sit around a table and squeeze the juice out of a hundreds of oranges. The juice pours out under the table onto the naked body of the artist until he is completely soaked.

The setting separates between the occurrence on the upper part of the table and the occurrence underneath. While on top of the table the performers are celebrating with a sense of hedonism, underneath there is a suppressed voice, hidden by royalty – the masters of that time, who used censorship and suppression of voices as a common tool of a totalitarian regime.

The audience can see the entire scene, the two parts of reality. At the beginning the viewer sees only the occurrence on the prominent part - the top of the table. In order to see the occurrence under the table the viewer has to move a bit away from the table or bend.

The work relates to historical events which associated with the site it was performed in-the Russian court in the middle of Jerusalem. The court is named after prince Sergey, that was murdered on 1905, in a political revolution.

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