Echoes. Casa de los Giles

Echoes. Casa de los Giles

I spent some time taking pictures of several lost spaces from a perspective that was half artist, half documentary-maker. This gave rise to the collection entitled "Deshabitaciones" (Dehabitations) which sought to project the rubble left behind by a society that is proud of itself but at the same time reluctant to talk about its origins, incapable of looking back into the past. However when the collection came to an end I felt there was something missing: the representation of these places could not end with a photograph which by itself was incapable of revealing their true essence. And so "Ecos" (Echoes) was born: I have travelled half of Spain to return to the places I photographed four or five years ago. I brought with me the photos now printed up and framed so that I could install them in their original context: it was if I had returned to the scene of the crime to stage a clandestine exhibition with the hope that by confronting the photo with its original setting I could engender an alignment of the atmosphere of abandonment that would capture the thickness of time and the bends and folds of memory.

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monica zambon
9 anni fa
monica zambon Artista
Io adoro gi interni abbandonati, se vuoi farti delle foto interessanti e se hai l'occasione di andarci, visita il paese di Balestrino (vicino alle grotte di Toirano). Emana un grande fascino, il borgo vecchio e' stato interamente abbandonato, a causa di uno smottamento del terreno. Ciao

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