"San Francisco, One"

"San Francisco, One"

Pittura, Astratto geometrico, Architettura, Paesaggio, Tecnica mista, 38x48x0.01cm
“San Francisco, One”
Acrylic and Oil Pastel on paper
48 x 59 cm with mount
November 2010

This piece was inspired by my trip to San Francisco in September 2010. I am highly inspired by the places I visit and I am always eager to use them into my artwork. The colours and marks I use in my work are usually quite exaggerated to how the reality of the place may be. I envision the place I have visited with colour and marks, and so my representation holds a certain truth.

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Lou Reade
9 anni fa
Lou Reade Artista
Thank you so much! I have had a lot of good word about this piece, especially while it was in an exhibition in December.
9 anni fa
Formica Artista
i like so much this breath of colours... and the powerfull of the lines... good luck.. :)

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