Stars-smoker / Yildiz-icci

Stars-smoker / Yildiz-icci

Istanbul / Unity / Open borders
This city is a vibrant and lives from its contrasts in the extremes. Fields of tension between religious people with their covered heads & very modern life-style, rich & poor, old ailing facades are confronting new technology, incredible rush hours, speedy cars, rushing people, restless.. Day & night. I often experienced Turks as masters in improvisation, which combined with the extreme fast pace of living does not allow any constant. Every second differs strikingly from the one before. This state of restless movement, I’ve implemented in form of blurring, both: in photography as well as in my paintings, unless I sensed moments of calmness. Solely those moments were allotted clarity and sharpness.
In my paintings, portraits are combined with Islamic ornaments – a field of tension per se, since in the Islam Islamic ornaments are not allowed to be shown pictorially in context with human faces. An absolute ban. Yet, as an observer, I notice Muslims surrounded by Islamic ornaments, they move in front of them, thus they’re inevitably intertwined & are seen in context.

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Aureliano Lanzoni
8 anni fa
molto bello

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