Erotic Dream #1. The Cuban while  working is dreaming.

Erotic Dream #1. The Cuban while working is dreaming.

The work: "Erotic Dream #1. The Cuban While Working is Dreaming" was created in 2011. It is a much more matured work. Ingres always liked to repeat his favorite maximas such as: "There is no grace without strength". Following the master I try to understand grace and strength as complementary elements of beauty. This drawing ,like all my works are pure invention. For me drawing is not copying photos. Although it often helps me in the process of the work. All that the viewer sees is completely imagined. A mental image. A symbolic play of forms that seek to cause some disturbing feeling or emotion in the receiver.
It has always interested me work with themes that invite to think reality critically. Especially a politicized reality as the Cuban. I think a very succesful term to define somehow my visions could be "intensity". The intensity level in the scene depicted may lead directly to the provocative or grotesque.
What I find fascinating about this work is the capacity of expanding the dream projected by the burly and tired longshorman, loading sacks of sugar that will go away in some merchant ship, and convert the tiring workday in a moment of total escape. The dream leaves the drawing and creates a short of hypnosis in the viewer, who then accompanies the longshoreman in his dream. In his desire for gratification. Time stop and the harbor becomes in a temple to bring out the senses. In this country we are all dreamers, longing for something different. This is the mantra coming out of this work.
My works always address a sordid world from a metaphorical, ironic or sarcastic symbolism. Some of my fellow artists say that my watercolors are full of perversion. I think that is because my works are not diluted in fantastic worlds evasion or false purely poetic, but although they have elements of all this, refer to the contemporary viewer to a realty that affects him directly, to a place where this viewer always feels alluded.

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Ernesto Jorge Ferriol  Perez
6 anni fa
Maestro Raimondo,Mr Sebastiao,Mr Emiliano, Mr Micheletti,Mr Antonio and Mr Doga!!!Thank you all very much for your words and preference! Iam doing my best!!!
raimondo izzo
6 anni fa
raimondo izzo Artista
giulio micheletti
6 anni fa

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